Good Night for GOP and Conservatives

The elections went well yesterday, as positions were wrestled away from Democrats, and the people let Obama know that they were unsatisfied with the direction his administration is going. Bob McDonnell, a Conservative Republican, won the state of Virginia's Gubernatorial race, by 18%.

In New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie won by 5%.

In New York's 23rd district, Conservative Party Candidate Doug Hoffman, was able to force the liberal RINO, Dierdre Scozzafava, out of the race. He probably would have won too, if it weren't for the 100,000 + morons that voted for her, even though she was no longer running. Even though Owens beat out Hoffman, it sent a strong message to the GOP, letting them know we won't elect RINOs, we want conservatives.

Republican (if you can call him that) Michael Bloomberg won NYC's mayoral race, after putting up $100 million of his personal wealth.

And perhaps most significant, Maine became the 31st state to ban gay marriage. Yay! Take that, sodomizers.

Despite the media reporting that the Dems are in trouble, Pelosi and Obama seem to be ignoring the election results, and continuing their push to make America a socialist country.


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