Obama's Betrayals Can Unite Us All

For months I contemplated the idea of discovering the one common denominator that could unite all Americans regardless of our persuasions and backgrounds. It was definitely a struggle considering the vast amount of research that kept leading me back to our differences. But along the way, I did notice that our showcased divisions were simply by an unscrupulous design.

Continually and consistently pitting us against each other – ‘haves’ versus ‘have-nots’, liberals versus conservatives, and so on – is actually due to politicians who seek power over a divided people, for in division we are weak. Many leaders have systematically divided the masses in order to manipulate the transfer of power from the people to the government. When we are distracted by our differences – politically, spiritually, financially, etc. – we fail to clearly see the looming big picture that will ultimately affect us all.

Barack Obama’s portrayed beliefs assert that the citizens of this country must sacrifice for the betterment of the collective. However, he manipulates our differences in order to divide the American people into groups – divide and conquer. But there is one important detail that Obama has definitely miscalculated. He banked on the notion that the collective was made up of enough faithfully blind followers that would implement his every wish and command. Instead he has painstakingly realized that regardless of the alluring bait dangling in front of us, we are a collection of individuals capable of evaluating and deducing from our own perspectives. And throughout Obama’s tactics to divide our nation, he has betrayed many of these groups.

Obama betrayed veterans when he proposed that
service-related injuries be charged to their private insurances. He betrayed police officers when he proposed a major cut in the funding to the families of slain officers and when without knowing the facts, he stated that they acted “stupidly” in the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates. He betrayed postal workers when he implied that they were inefficient and lacked the necessary skills to succeed. He betrayed the fiscally conservative when he championed a pork-filled stimulus plan and embarked on a record setting spending spree. He has betrayed the Christians when he insisted that Georgetown University conceal any symbols or writings that represented Jesus Christ. He betrayed the Jews when Israeli’s Chief of Staff received an unwelcoming reception at the White House and when he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson. He has betrayed gays and lesbians when he promised to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act but has failed to do so. He betrayed the employees of insurance companies by reflecting them as greedy and subject to investigation. And most surprisingly, he betrayed the liberals when he flip-flopped on his insistence of a government-run option within the Health Care Reform bill.

There is no doubt that I have missed many groups, and my sincere apologies to those who have been omitted. But based upon Obama’s accumulative actions, it is now readily apparent that we actually do have something in common, despite all of our differences, in which we can unite. It must also be said that Americans are strongest when we identify ourselves as individuals first. And as such, we should stand united as the one common denominator for the collective can be summed up as follows: Sooner or later, Barack Obama will have betrayed us all. So if one’s allegiance incorrectly leads you to believe that he eventually won’t betray you as well, it is undoubtedly only a matter of time.


Freedom Nut said...

I really liked this post, Samantha, and can agree with everything, including the part about "definitely having missed some groups." I'm an NRA member and gun owner, and although most people aren't NRA members, easily half of America can identify as a gun owner or Second Amendment believer. o'Bambi's got it in for us big time--we're not confused by his lip service.

The only defense for O'Bummer I hear nowadays comes from the TV, no longer from any of my co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc. There will always be leftists [actually, I should probably think that statement through some more] that bleat Obama's yeswecan, but they've done run out of ammo and have basically taken to screaming "blam" with a finger extended.

Impotent, ignorable, and irrelevant leftists. My family and I like to point and laugh. And spend our money. On ourselves, which is the biggest sin of all according to them.

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