How Many Mexican's Can You Fit in a Van?

I like most Mexican people, just as I like most Americans. I don’t have prejudice against them, they are God’s children, just like you and me. So let’s get that out of the way. What I do hate, is illegal activity. I don’t like it when people ignore our laws, and sneak into our country. Yes, yes, we are a country of immigrants, I get that, I love that, I respect that, and encourage that. But, we are not a country of illegal immigrants. Law and order should be followed in all things.

What I hate more than illegal immigration, is when that immigration brings more illegal activity. Drugs, black market guns and ammo, theft, murder, rape. The statue of liberty reads: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… It doesn’t read, give me your criminals, your iniquitous, your nefarious masses yearning to do wrong.

Por Ejemplo, the below video, though sort of funny, also highlights the problem with illegal immigration. There is a problem when we have a van PACKED with illegal aliens, defying our laws, again, engaging in a high speed chase with police officers, with no regard for the lives they are endangering, including their own. Anyway, take a look:

What to do with the illegal aliens in our country that are doing their best, just to make a living, and are following our laws, even if they first defied them when they entered our country, is a whole other argument. But what to do with those who are here illegaly, and once here perpatrate more crimes? Well, that's simple. Deport them. Put on some steel toe boots, and kick them firmly over the border. But, before they leave, take their pin a note on their shirt that says, "Cross our border again, and we will shoot, no questions asked."


Anonymous said...

I counted 23

Anonymous said...

I once fit 32 mexicans in my van

Anonymous said...

Ha, that's nothing try fitting 44

Anonymous said...

I once fit 147 in a school bus

Anonymous said...

a good amount

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