How History Will Shine on President Bush

Bush asks Congress to release $350B...

Goodbye President Bush, you will be missed. He made mistakes, but he also did so much right. Perhaps most importantly, his heart was in the right place; he did what he thought was best for our country, no matter what the media or Hollywood had to say.

Future generations will look on his presidency with a kind eye, and focus more on his accomplishments, than his failures. Our kids will read about how President Bush didn't buy into global warming hysteria; and how he shot down the Kyoto Treaty and other expesnive policies that will, in hindsight, prove to be totally useless.

They will read of his fight against terrorism. After just a short time in office, our country was attacked by a group of people hell-bent on destroying us, and our way of life. He devoted his life to defending us from future attack. Though some question his tactics, and even his intentions, he has kept our country, and it’s people safe. Not one soul has been lost to terrorist attack, on American soil since. Say what you will, but our children will read about President Bush’s heroic actions that kept us all safe, during such perilous times.

They will read about his achievements with Medicare. In enacting the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, he has helped countless needy individuals afford the medications they so desperately need, and he has done so at a cost that is far less than predicted.

They will read about No Child Left Behind, and they will do so, because they are able to read, thanks to No Child Left Behind. There are many arguments against NCLB, but the focus on math, science and reading is an important one, and one that will pay high dividends in the future.

They will read about how he helped to shape the Supreme Court into a more conservative body, by naming John Roberts, and Sam Alito to the court, and by making Roberts the chief justice. In a time when the court has played an ever increasing role in law making and governance, conservative justices are more important than ever.

They will won't read how he “harmed” foreign relations (the French are cowards, and will quickly come groveling back to us), no, they will read about his diplomatic achievements, including strengthened relations with Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel and India.

And of course, they will read about our success in Iraq. They will learn that he went to war, based on the best intelligence available, and with a firm belief that Iraq presented a dangerous breeding ground, and safe haven for terrorists. They will also read how he went to war, armed with the knowledge that Iraq had ignored dozens of UN resolutions, and had thrown out dozens of UN inspectors, in essence, refusing to disarm. He went armed with the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s had been slaughtered and tortured by a cruel regime, led by the evil Sadam Hussein. Future generations will read about how he brought democracy, peace, and prosperity to a people that had not known such things for a generation.

Say what you will about President Bush, but he will sleep well at night, despite his mistakes, knowing that he did what he felt was best for all of us, and that he kept us all safe, even those that abused him.


personal trainers austin said...

In his last press conference he said he would step off the stage and leave the klige lights behind. That is a refreshing change from the previous Presidents who are constantly trying to rehabilitate their images

Michael Payne said...

His press conference reminded me why I still like Bush. He has such a gracious attitude even in times of intense criticism.

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