Is Michael Steele Conservative Enough?

Is Michael Steele Conservative enough? Former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts is looking to lead the GOP , but is he what the GOP needs? To be sure he is a fresh face, not bogged down with the baggage of an embattled, war scarred GOP. But according to, he is a moderate/conservative.

I think the GOP needs a staunch conservative as their head. John McCain clearly demonstrated what happens when the GOP blurs its lines with the DNC, and tries to appear moderate. Why elect a mule when you can have a horse? The DNC has liberalism down pat; we don’t need to compete with that. The GOP needs to differentiate itself from the DNC, it needs to go back to the Regan strategy of unbending conservatism, representing the values of the majority of republicans, as well as a great deal of democrats. Pro Life, absolute right to gun ownership, smaller government, lower taxes, a stronger military, reverence towards God, peace through strength, free trade, etc., etc.

The strategy worked for Regan, and it even worked for Obama, when he lied to conservatives. He told conservatives what they wanted to hear from their own candidate, but never did, even though there is little to no hope he will live up to his word. Please don’t misunderstand, Obama is no conservative.

Back to Michael Steele, good man, good republican. But is conservative enough to restore the GOP’s fundamentals, and give hope to the GOP base? I have my doubts. He supports affirmative action, opposes the death penalty, etc…

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts??? Where did you get this? It is ignorant people like you who are making the republican party look stupid!!! Get your information from valid sources!! !

epublius said...

Both parties do a good job making themselves look stupid. They both want to make everything,black and white, when often it is not that clear.

As nation we have to stop looking at problem solving along strictly party lines.

If we do not we will not solve anything and will continue to have the type of government we have, ineffective!

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