Why are hippies so angry?

So have you seen this video at the DNC convention, of protesters getting in the face of a Fox News reporter? They are so pissed off because he, and Fox News don't follow the Lefty talking points. The same people that are trying to deny this reporter his right to freedom of the press, are also the people that support the fairness doctrine (see my previous blog).

Also, the balding fat man at the bottom of the screen, with long greasy hair, that was just dropped off at the protest by his mom, is the kind of hippy that gives other stupid stinky hippies a bad name. Oh what I wouldn't do to be there with a fire hose. Sigh.


Jessica said...

You know we're in Denver... there's still time. You fly out and we'll let you stay with us, I'll even try to find you a fire hose if you want!

Notoriously Conservative said...

Don't think I haven't thought about that, nay dreamed about that. It's just that the difference between conservatives and hippies is, conservatives have jobs. I think that's why you don't see a lot of republican protests. We are too busy working... and showering.

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