Did the Chinese Cheat?

So is it just me, or does it seem a little strange that China won 100 medals, 51 of which are gold? They have some talented athletes to be sure, but 51 golds? Come on. It's also fishy that about half of those are in sports that use judges to determine the final results, like diving, and gymnastics. Nastia Liukin ring a bell? The girl was clearly cheated out of a gold medal.

Plus, it makes you wonder, if they are willing to lie about their athletes age, and put a 4 year old girl on their gymnastics team, then what other scheming was going on.

I'm just putting this out there, as something to chew on. But if it seems shady to me, there must be a million others that agree.


Jessica said...

I agree with you, it's too bad they had to do it like that. Dan and I couldn't hardly stand to watch any of the judged events because the Chinese won everything! Aren't they doing an investigation on the age of their gymnasts? I heard that they will strip them of their medals and give them to the next in line if they find the girls under age. That would include their team all-around and Nastia's bars.

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