Another Obama Gaffe

Obama from a home in Kansas City: I'm 'here in St. Louis'
By Chad Livengood • • August 25, 2008

"DENVER — Last week, Republican John McCain didn't know how many homes he owns.
Tonight, Democrat Barack Obama didn't know what town he was in.

In a live satellite speech tonight to the Democratic National Convention in Denver from a home in Kansas City, Obama said: "I'm here with the Girardo family here in St. Louis."

Then came a graphic across the television screen that said Obama was in Kansas City, Mo.

Then 7-year-old Sasha Obama asked: "Daddy, what city are you in?"

"I'm in Kansas City, sweetie," Obama said, correcting his earlier geographic reference.
Obama was at the home in Kansas City tonight to watch his wife Michelle's keynote address, according to his campaign.

Obama is hosting a town hall meeting on Tuesday at the American Airlines facility in Kansas City."

---So I'm curious... How many signs do people need to realize this man is a total moron? No seriously, can people really not see how incredibly stupid this man is? It's one thing to misspeak because you are tired, but it is a whole other thing to just be a flat out dumb arse. Check out my previous post about Obama's gaffes.


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