Why Vote for John McCain?

Why vote for John McCain? Well, to put it in the simplest terms, he is not Barack Hussein Obama.

I have my problems with John McCain; he is weak on immigration, his over the aisle politics bother me, and he is caught up in the global warming scam. But his shortcomings are nothing compared to the problems I have with Obama.

His totally obvious, and disgusting socialist policies and agenda aside, he is simply a bad person. He has admitted to being friends with the terrorist William Ayers. He has done land deals with the convicted felon Tony Rezko. He was good friends with, and 20 year student of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the flaming racist and hate monger. He has, on numerous occasions, belittled our country and its citizens, and values. How could anyone, with any sense of morals, or even a small sense of right and wrong, vote for this man?

So why vote for John McCain? Well, to his credit he is very, very strong on National security. He is pro life. He is a moral man. He has served our country proudly for many years in the military and the senate. He would elect conservative judges to the supreme court. But his strongest point, I'll say it again, he is not Barack Hussein Obama.


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