Media Bias and the Fairness Doctorine

This media bias crap really pisses me off. Libs have recently started to push a reinstatement of the fairness doctrine as a way to silence radio talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Hannity, yet their main stream media goons won’t even give fair and equal coverage to John McCain. In an article by (found here), it was reported that when John McCain landed in New Hampshire he was greeted by just one reporter, and one photographer. Are you telling me there is only one media outlet in New Hampshire? Just one TV station, or one newspaper? I don’t think so. Contrast that with a typical Obama appearance, where it’s difficult to tell if they are covering Barack Hussein Obama, or the Beatles.

If you turn on any major news network, with the exception of Fox News, you will see two or three times more Obama coverage, than McCain coverage. What really disgusts me is when I see shows like "Extra" or "Access Hollywood" showing puff pieces about Obama and how much he likes ice cream, or how he prefers argyle socks.

"Why the Fairness Doctorine is Anything But Fair"

"McCain: Press has 'bizarre fascination' with Obama..."


Daniel said...

I find the "Great Obama Obsession" very interesting. I consider myself in touch with current politics and the events surrounding this election. As I speak with other people (liberals and conservatives) about Obama I am surprised to find that people know very little about his actual politics and policies. They are quick to say "he is a wonderful speaker" or "he seems like a person who will be a good leader" but are unable to state anything he stands for.

Unfortunately, Obama believes a strict timetable for Iraq is the best thing for everyone (even though General Petreus, the person with the most knowledge and expertise regarding Iraq/war/military/etc. completely disagrees with it). The belief that poor people "cling to guns and religion" is quite disturbing. Or the fact that he believes his daughters should be allowed to have an abortion because he believes they should not be "punished with a child." Or the fact that he renounced his religion (not his faith in God) because it was hurting his chances of being elected (God bless Mitt Romney for sticking to his guns).

The media has a way of hiding, or not emphasizing the bad things about Obama. The presume he is innocent and constantly give him the benefit of the doubt. It is propoganda pure and simple. McCain is fighting an uphill battle because he is presumed guilty and is forced not only to fight against Obama, but against the majority of the media.

The polls surprise me because you'd think that McCain was Ron Paul with 2% of the general vote and Obama with 98%. Even with all the bias, the misconception, the focusing on the bad only (McCain) or the good only (Obama) McCain is still very close and it has been that way for a while.

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