John McCain VP Running Mate

So there is rumor that John McCain will be selecting a VP running mate this week. Who do you think it will/should be? Leave a comment and let me know. Personally I think Mitt Romney would be a great choice. He was my pick for the Republican nomination, so of course I would like to see him serving in some capacity. Sure, being McCain's VP could tarnish him a bit, but I think it will be more beneficial than anything. Obviously as VP Romney would gain a ton of name recognition, and experience, which could pave the way for a future nomination. But beyond that, it would bring a strong conservative voice to McCain's ticket, as well as economic experience, and a ton of fundraising power. McCain & Romney '08... It just sounds nice. Oh, and did I mention that Romney just plain looks like a president? Let's face it, the man is handsome.

"McCain may be zeroing in on a running mate"

Who do you think it will/should be? Leave a comment and let me know.


Jessica said...

Dan says that Romney is a good choice and it wouldn't tarnish him. We also think that it would be good for Romney to get any experience and recognition as you mentioned. Romney is already established as a conservative so working with McCain won't hurt him in that way.
As a side note; Dan thinks that if Obama chose Hilary it would be bad for both of them.

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