Penn and Teller on the First Amendment

!Warning! There are a few F-words sprinkled in this clip.


Daniel said...

I think that "a few sprinkled F-Words here and there" is an understatement....but anyway, I am DEEPLY offended that there are people capable of anything other than an overwhelming acceptance and love of the Lord of the Rings triology. That blows my mind!

For the record, a public university can make rules that are in conflict to the 1st amendment. The administrators can make a 100 book hardcopy edition and give it every student claiming they have the ability as a university to take away certain fundamental rights while a person is located on university property.

However, if those rules are challenged in court the public university will likely be classified as a public entity bound by the entire constitution. In other words a public university can make the rules, but until a person challenges the rules the university will erroneously claim authority to change the basic constitution. Sounds weird, but that's how our system works.

Nicholas said...

I think that is Penn and Teller's point. They are saying yes these public schools make up their own rules that limit free speech, and they shouldn't. They are saying we shouldn't have to appeal to the government for protection (or public schools for that matter) from things that offend us. Free speech is a right, avoiding being offended is not.

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