Why are conservatives and republicans always the ones accused of racism, and prejudice? Did people forget the Democrat Party “…supported slavery, opposed civil rights legislation, instituted the "Black Codes," and created the Jim Crow system? The Republican Party, in contrast, was founded in opposition to slavery, and supported post-Civil War and Civil Rights Movement-era legislation.” (By La Shawn Barber, townhall.com, 2/7/08)

Although I can appreciate the significance of electing the first minority president of the US, I think it’s ridiculous to elect someone based on his or her color or gender. Based on the long history of racism in the Democratic Party, I also find it strange that they accuse so many of being racist, because they don't support Obama.

Why are so many people focusing on Obama’s race? If racism doesn’t exist in the Democratic Party, why do they focus on race so much? Is it not reverse racism to vote for someone simply because of his race, like so many are? This is not a high school election; this is an election for the most important position in the world. Race and gender should not play a part in this process; it should come down to character, experience, and the issues. The fact is, Obama is a Jr. Senator that has spent more time campaigning that legislating. He has no experience, and seems to base all his positions on the failed democratic policies of the 60’s and 70’s. It's as if some believe that voting for Obama will some how exonerate them from previous wrongdoings of prejudice, or that voting for him proves that they don't harbor ill feelings of bigotry. That's simply false. If you want to show you aren't racist, quit focusing on it, quit seeing people for the color of their skin, than for what they have to offer.


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