What Happened?

The revolution to break from England, and become a country of our own, was spurred in large part by several factors:

1-unfair, and large taxes
2-large, oppressive government
3-freedom of religion
4-representation without representation

I pose the question: what has happed to our country in the last 230+ years?

Those four factors, once cherished and strong enough to spur a revolution and the founding of a country, now seem to have no importance. There are so many out there not only willing, but excited to elect democrats to office. Those same democrats that believe in repealing the Bush tax cuts, and increasing income taxes, and increasing taxes on carbon emissions, gasoline, etc. Those same democrats that want to increase the size of government in ways that haven’t been seen since FDR’s new deal. Those same democrats that support legislation and court rulings that attempt to take God out of the pledge of allegiance, and off the American dollar. Those same democrats that won’t even count the primary votes of two of the ten largest states in the country, Florida and Michigan. I just don’t get it.


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