Koosh Bullets

I'm a little hesitant to shoot toys at an intruder only to have them return fire with adult bullets. I'll stick with my .45, I think.

Lightfield has been selling these projectiles to law enforcement agencies and wildlife officials for years. Each round is filled with a soft projectile that resembles a koosh ball. They look like toys, because they're made by a Chinese toy factory. The best thing about them is that they aren't likely to kill someone even if they are fired at point blank range. They're so soft that they're almost incapable of penetrating the body.

Learn more about Koosh bullets.


D R Leath said...

Looks like a good alternative ammo for "live" fire training. Might have to look into these, times are a changin". Best regards.

Forgotten Liberty said...

I could see the police using these to disperse a crowd, but I agree with your statement about your .45, except I prefer the .357 When it comes to a life or death situation, I want my gun loaded with the real stuff.

Southern Man said...

"The best thing about them is that they aren't likely to kill someone.."

That's where your wrong. They are made by a Chinese toy factory. Given their recent history with toy recalls they are most likely fatal.

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