Why Conservatism?

From Adam M. Woodford at The Eccentric Conservative:

Perhaps the most valid question(s) one can be asked will center upon his or her chosen ideology. Because we may know what we believe, but are unsure of why we believe it, and thus, end up unintentionally incapable of defending a perspective that is quite possibly accurate, we sometimes leave the responsibility of defining our mindset to the opposition.

So why Conservatism?

Instead of offering a lengthy essay about the only -ism I choose to follow, today's quote comes from an individual I've chosen to not identify in order to keep the focus on the statement, which could only come from a Conservative, and not the person who disclosed it:

"Americans have always understood that this nation is unique among nations in the long march of human history, and as we speed into the next century, we seem to be at a crossroads. We are worried that with so many things out of whack; the traditions and institutions that made America great are under attack, standards continue to be lowered, so many minds seem clouded by the fog of liberalism.

So let's stay positive; the personal freedoms we still enjoy; the widespread prosperity and bounty unimaginable in any other time and place; the innovations and progress in medicine, technology, communication, science, business, and more; the standard of living never before attained by so many among a nation's citizens ... we wonder, will it last?

The questions remain. What will ensure that America continues? Can our culture be reclaimed? How can we stay free in the next century? While people of other countries have been restricted to pursue prosperity, only a Conservative would ask how we can STAY prosperous and free in the 21st century.

A liberal would whine that only a few are prosperous -- the evil rich who have somehow gotten rich off the backs of the poor. Liberals don't notice, or understand freedom. They see victims; the oppressed, the downtrodden, and the have-nots. America has had the original ideas of self-government and self-reliance; for which we must thank our Founding Fathers."

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