A Word on Decorative Pillows

My wife and I bought some nice new couches. I foolishly concluded that I was done spending money and I could now sit comfortably; no, no. Saturday I was notified that we needed some decorative throw pillows, so that they could sit on the couch and not be used (my words). Wisely, I acquiesced, thinking that a few dollars for a peaceful weekend was well worth it.

Have you ever priced throw pillows? $30 dollars for a 1 foot square piece of cotton-puff, wrapped in fabric, should not cost $30. Am I mad, or is $120 for four decorative pillows simply too much, and a silly, worthless expenditure? Lucky for me, my wife agrees.

I demand the Obama administration look into the decorative throw pillow industry. It is clear there are some textile fat cats out there, getting rich off pillows. It's price gouging and it is un-American.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

..and furthermore, can't he legislate some kinda punishment for people who refuse to uput their shopping carts into the actual shopping cart corrals? I hate that! It is the epitomy of laziness. Please Mr. Obama, rescue us from this!

Notorious Nick said...

Great point. Who are these people that they don't have the time to be inconvenienced by returning their shopping carts to the proper location. Mr. Obama, this injustice cannot stand. These elitist cart non-returners must be brought down to earth.

Captain Dreadlocke said...

I smell a cabinet position for a new Czar.

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