Obama's Offical Birth Certificate Released


Anonymous said...

It's his alright! "No Raised Seal"?Seriouly when will we the people stop Obama/Soetoro my wasting the taxpayers money and force him to produce it?Although this one has simmiarlies of each one,They both look like they could be good enough for even Obama /Soetoro to think it would pass muster?After all whats on it that he is afraid of us knowing that his Fathers name isn't the one he swore was his Daddy?or worse,Maybe its Frank Marshall Davis?Maybe something that would prove he' not really a citizen and able to hold such an office as the he Usurped?his shadow government is uncontitutional and he's promting war instead of being called the "Peacemaker of the world"?
It is unheard of that the government would waste our tax dollars to hide a doucument that shows the details of one beginings?what is he afraid of?Its time we the peolple see why we are wasting "taxpayers money to hide the truth,as to what it really says or IF it really exists or doesn't?

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