Dean Martin & John Wayne Video

Remember when Hollywood big-wigs had character and class? Remember when they loved our country? Me neither. But this video will jog your memory, enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Wonderful message for our times.

Anonymous said...

aswome- oh if we could have a John Wayne in the white house.

GramaSheila53 said...

Now THAT'S entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Real Americans! I would like to have had Charlton Heston join them. Have all our politicians turned Communist? "Our" Constitution and "our" Bill of Rights belongs to "us", not usurpers who have "bought" there way in to our government. They are parasites and we must join together and eliminate them while we still have a country and a constitution. We must take our pride back if we are ever to take our country back!

Proudliberal7 said...

Nice clip. I've done what John Wayne did for his daughters as I have for my sons, and I am a confirmed lifelong liberal.

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