GOP Congressional Candidate Bobby Schilling: New ‘New Deal' is Bogus

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Bobby Schilling

Schilling: New 'New Deal' is Bogus Wastes money and insults real job creators

EAST MOLINE, IL--Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for the Illinois 17th Congressional District, criticized the so-called "New Deal for a New Economy Act" today, for using false predictions and bogus facts, and for ignoring the input of real people who know how to create real jobs.

"The Democrats in Congress-including Rep. Phil Hare - are falsely claiming that this 'New-New Deal' is going to create at least 3 million jobs," said Schilling. "Didn't they also predict that the $787 billion stimulus was going to create 6.8 million jobs by 2012? Since passing the stimulus, 2.65 million jobs have been lost across the country. That is quite short of the 6.8 million projected in two years. This number is also expected to be inflated due to the fact that there is no standard for measuring jobs saved."

The White House had previously predicted that the stimulus would keep the unemployment rate under 8 percent, however, the unemployment rate has risen past 10 percent, even with the stimulus. The New Deal for a New Economy Act is projected to cost $180 billion, which is less than 30 percent of the stimulus bill. Schilling said that if this bill performs better than the stimulus, then "Congress should be fired for wasting $787 billion on a failed stimulus."

"We need solutions, not temporary busy work. What happens when the funds for these jobs dry up? Will we have to lay off those workers? Will we have to spend another $180 billion to keep these jobs in place? I have said it before, the American people don't want or deserve temporary work projects, they want real solutions and stable jobs. They don't want more federal pork programs that only add to the debt our children will be burdened with."

Schilling said the so-called New Deal might have been better thought-out if the Democrats hadn't intentionally barred the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Business from attending the recent Job Summit. "It's obvious," Schilling said, "that people who know how to create jobs were not involved in drafting this so-called 'New Deal.' The residents of the U.S. and the Illinois 17th Congressional District face real problems and they need real solutions - not cool and expensive slogans dreamed up by East Coast elitists."

Schilling, a native of Rock Island, has served as a local union steward and also has 13 years of union experience. Schilling, a local business owner and father of nine children, is running on a platform of bringing jobs and real representation back to the 17th district. Schilling is the only Republican candidate for the Illinois 17th District that will be on the ballot in the February primary election.

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