Scozzafava is a Tool

So Dede Scozzafava bowed out of the Upstate New York congressional race on Saturday. Apparently her good looks just weren't enough.

She claims her reason for dropping out was:
"In recent days, polls have indicated that my chances of winning this election are not as strong as we would like them to be. The reality that I've come to accept is that in today's political arena, you must be able to back up your message with money—and as I've been outspent on both sides, I've been unable to effectively address many of the charges that have been made about my record,” she said in a statement.
Oh, sure, it was the money wasn't it? You baby killing, gay marriage lovin' RINO? No, the fact is, Scozzafava was absolutely no different than Owens, her democratic opponent. That's why it was so easy for the Conservative Party to oust her from the race. Given her liberal views, it is very unsurprising that she is giving her support to Owens, and not the conservative candidate.

The GOP is trying to grab on to some of this momentum, claiming they can use it to their advantage in ousting Obama, and gaining seats in the House. Problem is, it isn't true. This isn't their movement, it is ours, the people, the conservatives of this country. What they still don't realize is, they will actually end up losing more seats, if they don't start proffering up some conservative candidates. Conservatives are going to continue to put up their own candidates, and that is going to mean a split vote among Republican voters. With Republicans losing half, or more, of their votes, they are doomed to become an even larger minority. How can they prevent this? How can they take advantage of the conservative movement? They can go back to being a conservative party by giving us conservative candidates. Conservatives are giving the GOP a choice: go conservative, or go away.

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