Senator Al Franken Loves Bunnies

Ladies and gentlemen….
The Distinguished Senator from the great state of Minnesota…

This is an actual image! I swear!


Zeno said...

Do you care that the photo is a hoax? Franken's head was clipped from an Associated Press photo taken on March 31, 2004, and Photoshopped into this picture. The result is popular with Franken's critics, but it's still a fake.

Notoriously Conservative said...

So we should believe the "progressive" website, whose sole purpose is to push the agenda of the left? It may be a fake (though I doubt it is), but we still have pleanty of pictures of him as Stuart Smalley.

Zeno said...

Yes, we should believe the "progressive" website -- when they've got the goods, anyway. They found the AP file photo from which Franken's head was pasted into the diaper photo. That's pretty good evidence that the Franken diaper photo is a fake.

So run Stuart Smalley pictures instead. Those are more likely to be genuine.

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