LDS (Mormon) More Politically Conservative Than Any Other Faith

SALT LAKE CITY -- This most likely won't surprise you. Most Mormons are Republican.

The Pew Forum U.S. Religious Landscape Survey says 65 percent of LDS Church members are either Republican or they lean that way, which is a higher percentage than any other religious group.


The Pew study says only 50 percent of evangelicals consider themselves
Republican or right-leaning, compared to 33 percent of Catholics, 41 percent of
members of what are called "Mainline Churches" and 25 percent of "Other

According to the study, 22 percent of Mormons are Democrats or left-leaning, and 8 percent say they're independent. But some Democrats see 22 percent as a big jump from the ‘80s.

Read the rest of the article from KSL, here.

That's pretty interesting stuff. Still, I wonder how anyone that considers themselves religious, can be liberal. How can they affiliate themselves with an ideology that supports abortion. Is killing babies Christ-like? How can they affiliate themselves with an ideology that supports gay marriage? Tell me, where in the Bible does it talk about gay marriage being ok? It doesn't, but it does mention, multiple times, men marrying women, and women marrying men (Gen. 34:9, Ex. 21:10, Deut. 7:3, etc.). It does not talk about Adam and Steve. How can they affiliate themselves with a party that takes away personal freedoms, punishes hard work, and pushes dependence on Government and others?

I would hope that most religious people, that are not republican, are still conservative. I would hope that those people that consider themselves liberal, don't really understand what that implies, and that they are more conservative than they realize.


Jeannetta said...

Being LDS myself like these numbers :D. I am, like you baffled at anyone professing to be Christian and condoning abortion or homosexuality. It seems a no brainer to me.
The bible also talks about how BAD homosexuality is, not how they were "born that way".

Anonymous said...

I am a Catholic, but I greatly admire the LDS church.

They assiduously avoid government entanglement because, as their leaders have stated, if you take government money you also have to take government orders.

They also know how to take care of themselves, with an extensive privately-funded charity network that they share with anyone who approaches, not just Mormons.

It saddens me to think Mitt Romney probably cannot get elected president because of his faith. Evangelicals, Mormons, Southern Baptists and Catholics have very similar social goals. Theological food fights only hinder our common progress.

I'm not saying anyone should water down their beliefs; I'm merely suggesting we stop pestering each other about them. There is no contradiction in joining in the public square to stand up for our common Christian values and then going our separate ways to our own churches on Sunday.

Nifty Nick said...


Well said, well said. I totally agree, bickering between Christian faiths, on what is considered Christian, what is the correct view on points of theology etc., gets us no where. I think it is best to focus on commonalities, and band together to take back our country from the Godless drones out there. Restore our countries morality and humanity, and take back our government from liberal hacks.

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