Liberals just don't understand!

By The Silent Majority

Liberals just don’t understand.

For some unexplainable reason I frequently subject myself to the insane ramblings of the liberal bloggosphere. I guess it has something to do with maintaining and even keel, maybe just getting a little perspective. What puzzles me most is the inability of liberal elites to digest the concept of conservatism.

The left claims to have providence over everything that is fair and equitable; they claim to be the party of truth and justice while practicing prejudice and discrimination. When I read the writings of liberal bloggers and hear the speeches of liberal elites I can’t help but wonder how they can make such claims with impunity. It seems to me that they should lay claim to the realm of bitter diatribes and tyranny.

Before I go any further I would like to clarify this point: When I speak of liberals I do not speak of the average Democratic voter. I most certainly allow for the fact that the Democratic Party is a diverse organization with beliefs and goals as varied as the people who comprise the party. I fully understand that that the party is comprised of individuals who may or may not subscribe to the liberal dogma as stated by liberal elitists. If the generalizations I make do not apply to you as an individual then it is safe to assume I am not speaking of you.

Where conservatives have failed is in identifying themselves with the festering pustule that is the Republican Party. They have failed in conveying why conservatism is different, at a fundamental level, than liberalism. They have failed because they have allowed liberals to define conservatism.

Conservatives have allowed themselves to be cast as the party of the rich; the party of prejudice; the party of corporate corruption. These mischaracterizations have never been effectively addressed by conservative leaders. Conservatives have sat by and watched their beliefs cast in a light most unfavorable without so much as a whimper of opposition.

We have allowed the Republican Party to wither and die on the vine. It has become nothing more than a convenient symbol for liberals to rally against. The current incarnation of the Republican Party is worthy only of reproach. The stereotypes attributed to conservatives are mostly true of the Republican Party; they are absolutely true of the Democratic Party.

Liberalism seems to be defined as everything antithetical to conservatism. It is an ideology that ceases to exist in the absence of conservatism. Much as shadows ceases to exist in the absence of light.

What is conservatism?

Conservatives first and foremost believe in the undeniable force of individualism. The individual is the foundation upon which this great country was built.
Conservatives believe that the government is the antithesis of individualism. When government grows and prospers individual rights necessarily whither and die. We believe government has an important but very limited role; protector of our constitutional rights.

Liberalism sees the government as the arbiter of equity and dispenser of rights.

Conservatives see successful businesses large and small as the backbone of a strong economy and a strong nation. We see business as an extension of the rights guaranteed by the constitution and the government’s taxation and regulation of business as an impingement on those rights.

Liberals see successful businesses as malignant blights hoarding resources and attaining wealth at the expense of the proletariat. Liberals believe that the government should control and distribute wealth so as to insure fairness.

There will be winners and losers but when individuals are left to succeed or fail on their own there is true freedom; when the government is left to decide who succeeds and who fails there can be no success only parity.

Without the promise of success there is no impetus for innovation. Ideas are the fruit of dreams and dreams grow only in the fertile soil of freedom. You can only remove the specter of failure by denying a path to success. For with every opportunity to succeed there is necessarily the possibility of failure.

Liberals believe in parity over freedom. They see a world where everyone is the same where there are no losers because there are no winners. They see a utopia where the government provides for all of our needs. They aspire to create a perfect society where everyone is happy and equal.

This is a noble cause to be sure but fails to take into account human nature. When such power is wielded by a few elites there is the looming possibility of tyranny.

When the wealth of an entire nation is entrusted to a handful of men the temptation for corruption is all but irresistible. The founders understood this all too well as they revolted against that very thing.

Conservatives believe that in each and every one of us there is the ability to achieve our wildest dreams. In America there are no limits but those we impose upon ourselves. We believe that regardless of race, sex, national origin or sexual orientation there is the opportunity to realize success. We believe that if left to our own devices we can do anything, achieve anything and surpass every expectation.

Liberals believe that certain groups are incapable of success on their own and therefore must be protected through discriminatory legislation in order to succeed. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary this mindset persists. With the election of a black president it should be readily apparent that no goal is unattainable with hard work and persistence.

What has earned conservatives the dubious title of “racists” is the fact that we believe everyone is equal and therefore no one deserves to be given a leg up over another based on race, sex or sexual orientation. Everyone should be allowed to succeed or fail on their own merits. This is not the argument of a racist, simply a statement of common sense.

Conservatives are not anti-immigration we are anti-illegal immigration. We fully understand that this is a nation of immigrants and celebrate the diversity of this nation with great pride. It is not however a nation of illegal immigrants.

Everyone is welcome here but we ask that they abide by our laws, learn our language and contribute in an equitable fashion. Nothing worth having is free and that includes membership in this great nation.

Conservatives are not mind numbed robots who receive their marching orders from FOX News or conservative talk show hosts. We have arrived at our beliefs through diligent introspection and valuable life lessons.

Our beliefs are not subject to negotiation and polls do not determine where we stand on an issue. Compromise does not mean abandoning our core principles to make someone else happy. We will not go along to get along.

Liberals paint us as partisan and rigid. They are right. We refuse to submit to the theory that acting in a bipartisan manner means agreeing with them. Sorry.

Conservatives believe that we should be good stewards of this planet that God has given us. We believe in protecting the environment and using our resources wisely. We believe that Global Warming is at best unproven science and that no legislation should be passed based on unproven science.

Liberals believe that Man is a blight upon the earth and that all earth's ills would be cured if we just stop using oil. Liberals view Global warming as settled and are willing to destroy our economy and tax us into oblivion on nothing more substantial than a theory.

Conservatives believe that America is the greatest nation on earth and a beacon of freedom that other nations aspire to emulate.

Liberals believe that America is the cause of the world's problems and that if we were only more like Cuba everything would be alright.

Conservatives believe that doctors know best how to treat their patients and that healthcare should be the left to hospitals and private industry.

Liberals believe that the government knows best how to treat the sick and that healthcare is best left to Congress and the Senate.

Conservatives believe that this nation was founded under God and that God should be glorified. We are not ashamed of our beliefs and do not begrudge others if their beliefs differ.

Liberals believe that a moment of silence in a class room is a violation of the establishment clause but invoke the name of God on the campaign trail in the hopes of garnering votes.

They believe that God should be stripped from our government while paying to provide the Koran and prayer mats for terror suspects at taxpayer expense.

Liberal leaders deny the fact that we are a Christian nation while pandering to Islamic nations.

Liberals regularly refer to conservatives as the religious right as if it were an epithet. If they only understood us they would know we wear it as a badge of honor.

But the fact is they do not understand conservatives. They cannot understand us. We stand for something and that is a concept that is simply beyond the ability of a liberal to understand. They stand against, stand in the way, stand back and stand by but the do not stand for America.


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