Crazy Obama Supporters - A Photo Collection

Obama Fans:

Yep, he is wearing a diaper, playing a flute.

Your mother must be so proud. (I censored the shirt)

1980's Punks for Obama?

"Save me Obama!"

Class act. In case you cant read the blurry photo, the shirts say "Sarah Palin is a Cu--"

Supporters even have their own clothing line. Pretty neat, but not as neat as the Lenin, Mao or Che shirts.

Mugshots of people arrested wearing Obama shirts. Ha!

No, no. Correction, God "ordained" him Obama. Not "made." Blasphemy.

WTF? Seriously, what does that mean? Speak English you dirty hippie.

Cult (Cough), cult freaks (cough).

I bet her feet stink.

"Ahhhh! You Barack my world!"

That can't be a real wedding ring. You mean to tell me someone married her? Maybe it was "playing the flute in a diaper guy."

Twins separated at birth???

You go cowgirl!

Obama Haircuts:

Yeah, no. That doesn't look like Obama, at all. I would probably try and get my money back.

Those are a little better, but it still looks like his face was smashed with a frying pan.

This is the best of the worst. It would be pretty cool, if it was a picture of someone else, like Burt Reynolds or something.

Awww, Obama looks sad in this one.

Ahhh, yeah boooooooooy.

This one looks like Golem.

Obama Cars:

These girls seem cute enough, to bad about the brain dead part.

Oooh, girl, no you didn't.

Obama tattoos:

Hey, awesome.... You are still a nerd though. I mean come on, that is such a girl place to get a tattoo.

That picture was actually created by connecting the freckles. Neat.

That one looks painful. I hope it was.

Obama looks like Bill Cosby.

This guy must have the ladies all over him.

Finally, a liberal took my advice to "Suck it."


Anonymous said...

Never under estimate the entertainment value of libtards in large groups.

Anonymous said...

I thought I've seen it all... but an Obama tattoo? Now thats classy... Go Liberals... haha

Anonymous said...

These are not very attractive folks to begin with.Why would anyone be so stupid? Maybe that's how he go elected!!!

Anonymous said...

all fools.... should get those tattoos coverd up Obama is a traitor to the United States.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but people got fed up the ways things turned out when Bush was appointed for president twice. I didn't vote when I was 1st eligible to vote cause I didn't like Bush or Kerry. Maybe if more Republicans in office actually cared about the American people either they be rich, middle class or poor. Instead of just doing what would benefit them selves or companies they're invested in. I'm sure our four fathers would be kicking them selves in their heads to see how politics turned out to be just caring about money and forgetting about the people. How the fuck are you suppose to run a country if you don't tax the millionairess but tax people trying to not lose their homes and keep their kids in college and struggling to pay their medication and medical bills that their insurance doesn't cover. You need American families to spend money to keep the economy going but how is going to happen when they don't penalize these companies for taking jobs over sea's, giving them tax breaks, & letting them hire illegal immigrants. It's simple to fix but they wont let that one person fix it just because he's BLACK I bet even if he was a Republican all the Republicans still wouldn't like him.

Anonymous said...

Well sorry for my earlier post I let 1 bad word slip out, I'm just mad that every thing that was fought for in the American Revolution and other wars for freedom and the things that people have done before to benefit people of our country just be thrown out and make things worst for the average folks. But some of these comments are rude so I guess some people can't show their American spirit because they're not supporting some one you like. Well I know none of these comments I wrote will be posted. Just because I have different views. But one thing I wanna say Obama is called a socialist for bringing up Obama Care. So does that mean Canada, England,& France are socialist just because they actually care about their own people. It works for them yes they have high taxes, but every one is cover with medical insurance; and every one pays their fare share in taxes. The only people that loose out are the Insurance Companies and the people invested in them. But people do pay for private insurance in those country for things like lipo, bot-ox, and plastic surgery.

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