Why I admire the Democratic Party.

By Robert The Silent Majority
An open letter to the Republican leadership:

Republican leaders:

If you stay the course you are on you are doomed to fail. It’s as simple as that. The Republican Party once stood for something great but those times have long since passed and have given way to a party that only stands for what Democrats deem appropriate.

I am through standing by idly and watching the party I once called home be reshaped by those who want nothing less than its absolute destruction. The GOP no longer reflects the conservative principles that made it great. Principles it seems have become outdated and cliché as evidenced by the Republicans haste to abandon them at the behest and whim of Democrats.

It makes absolutely no sense to search for direction in the rhetoric of the enemy. Make no mistake the Democrat ideology as practiced by Obama and his sycophants runs counter to everything I stand for as a conservative. That ideology is the enemy of everything this republic stands for.

So why then are the Republicans so intent on trading their principles for political popularity? Why are they so intent on diluting the Republican Party into a watered down version of the Democratic Party; into Liberalism Lite? Has winning at all costs replaced conservative principles as our leaders’ sole defining attribute? It seems as though Republican leaders have swallowed the lie hook line and sinker.

I admire the Democratic Party in as much as they have stood by their principles. I do not agree with a single thing they stand for but they are for the most part united by their ideology. They do not shy from the fight and have been furthering their agenda with the unstoppable intensity of a well oiled juggernaut.

In its wake lying in ruin, crushed and deformed beyond recognition, is the Republican Party. Impotent and indistinguishable from the moderate wing of the Democratic party Republicans have all but adopted their agenda with open arms.

The Democrats tell Republicans you have to reach out and moderate your views to get elected while they move ever farther left.

They tell Republicans you have to reach out to minority voters while they demonize and vilify minority candidates who espouse conservative views.

They tell Republicans to bend on their principles to make the party inclusive while they gleefully alienate conservatives, Christians and moderates with their extremist policies.

They feed Republicans the forbidden fruit and our leaders willingly eat of the tree.

We have fronted candidates with moderate views such as John McCain and what did it profit us. Our party sold out its beliefs for thirty pieces of silver and suffered an agonizing death at the polls for its trouble.

I respect the Democratic Party for holding to its views, no matter how misguided they may be, they have shown a zealous dedication to their cause. They have the courage of their convictions that our leaders lack. Even in the face of abject defeat they have held steadfastly to their dogmas.

Why are our leaders so willing to abandon theirs?

Why are Republican leaders taking advice from the enemy? It is tantamount to Iran giving Israel advice on national security, and worse, Israel rushing headlong to implement those ideas.

What is wrong with our leaders?

To our once respected Republican leaders I say this:

If you are afraid to weather the tempest that proceeds from standing up for your beliefs, you are doing yourselves and those you represent a great disservice. You have no place in this party of the courageous.

If your principles hinge so precariously on Democrat acceptance that you would abandon them without cause, you have no place in this party of values.

If you cannot defend the Constitution that made this country a leader among nations, then you have no place in this party of independence.

If you cannot stand against government abuses and excesses, then you have no place in this party of conservatives.

If through serious introspection you find that you cannot in good conscience profess to be a conservative, then you have no place in this party of truth.

If you cannot fairly represent me, and those like me who elected you, then publicly renounce your Republican affiliation and seek a home elsewhere. Show some fortitude and have the decency to step down; it is the only honorable thing to do.

If you seek to hide behind conservative principles when the title serves your purposes only to abandon them when the wind changes in a manner unfavorable, understand we are through with your kind; you will be purged from our ranks with great prejudice.

We seek those who can weather the storm that lies ahead and bring honor and respectability back to our party. It is not a task for the faint of heart and not to be undertaken lightly; those of weak moral fiber need not apply.

For those of you who have represented us in an honorable fashion you shall be rewarded. You will emerge as leaders in the ensuing battle to retake our country. I salute you and willingly offer you my services. I wish you God-speed in your endeavors.


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