Response to Rob Thomas: Big Gay Chip on my Shoulder Part 2:

This is a response to my Comments on Rob Thomas' Article. Liberals (abundant on Facebook pounced on it, and I responded). And the question is always: show mercy and be nice, or give this person the intellectual slap of their life. I hereby refuse to to let Liberals be the authority on history, politics or social policy...because they suck at it. Have a read.

Liberal Facebooker:
When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

Then they locked up the social democrats,... Read More
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
I did not protest;
I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out for me.

"First they came…" is a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

I am a liberal. I have read chunks of the Bible, all of the Constitution, and lots of other intelligent books. I do not despise Christianity, nor the United States. I only despise ignorance.

Logic is not inflammatory. The interest of equal rights under the law of all citizens has been achieved. Read the Amendments that Julie quoted. Any person in any of the 50 states may marry (with legal sanction/recognition) any one other person of the opposite sex. If Blacks were not allowed to marry whites, or if Asians weren't allowed to marry Latinos, then that would be unequal and a violation of the equal protection clause. If you read the court opinions interpreting the 14th Amendment, the proper test of whether there is a violation of equal protection is to ask, 1. What is the legal right that is denied to the particular Plaintiff which is not denied to other members of his class (class here means group of people in the world who are similar to him)? In the "gay marriage" context, there is none. Any person may marry someone else of the opposite sex. Put another way, there is no man that is permitted to marry another man (at the state level in most states, as it is a state issue), and there is no woman who is allowed by law to marry another woman. Until a woman is allowed to marry another woman and yet another woman is not allowed to marry another woman (keep in mind this all has to occur in the same state where it is still prohibited) then THERE IS NO VIOLATION OF THE 14th AMENDMENT. The 14th Amendment does not mean that everybody gets to do whatever the hell they want, it just means we all have to play by the same rules. To construe it to mean something that it does not, is either ignorant, disingenuous, just plain plain dumb or it shows - like I stated above- that someone who would do that hates the constitution. They hate it how it is and they hate what it means, especially when it means they cannot get the rest of the world to like or accept their behavior. Let's face it, Rob probably has some serious Daddy issues.

Julie, nice poem... but this guy Niemoller could not have been an intellectual in the first place. A true intellectual would not have stood by and watched his fellow countrymen be enslaved and shipped into death camps and not raised a voice or hand of opposition. An intellectual would not have simply stood by while the screams of his neighbors children cried out for Mommy while she and her Mommy were being gassed to death. An true intellectual would have raised a rebellion. A true intellectual would have thrown off the chains and fought the government that first took away his guns and then his vote and then his income and then his property. A true intellectual would have done as Thomas Jefferson did when he said, "But I am one of those too who rather than submit to the right of legislating for us assumed by the British parliament...would lend my hand to sink the whole island in the ocean." AND THEN DO IT!!

If you read and UNDERSTAND the constitution, you will know that it is good. You will know that it was designed to accommodate a growing population, nation and that it was designed so that if enough people agreed, it could be entirely re-written or done away with. Until then, it stands as the best model that any nation that has ever existed here on God's green earth has ever had for the protection of individual liberty against the human frailty of those who end up governing the masses. That is the genius of it. And there has been no advancement, technological, social, or otherwise that has made it irrelevant - nor will there ever be. Your little comment of how the founders could not have predicted the needs of us in 2009 is absurd. They were not in the business of predicting the future, but they understood the basic rule that when anyone gets any measure of power, there is a natural propensity to seek more and more at the expense of the individual's liberty. That is why there are 3 branches of government. That is why they were all (at least originally) severely limited in the laws that even could be passed. That is why the title for the cheif executive was President (something usually reserved for a lowly garden club leader) and not his Royal Eminence and Divine Messianic Leader. If you read the constitution and understand how it works, you will realize that it is relevant today, tomorrow and even 1,000 years from now will be relevant. Read more intelligent books.

Liberal Facebooker:
Martin Niemöller was a German pastor and theologian born in Lippstadt, Germany, in 1892. Niemöller was an anti-Communist and supported Hitler's rise to power at first. But when Hitler insisted on the supremacy of the state over religion, Niemöller became disillusioned. He became the leader of a group of German clergymen opposed to Hitler. Unlike Niemöller, they gave in to the Nazis' threats. Hitler personally detested Niemöller and had him arrested and eventually confined in the Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps. Niemöller was released in 1945 by the Allies. He continued his career in Germany as a clergyman and as a leading voice of penance and reconciliation for the German people after World War II.

I would say that he was, in fact, a damn fine intellectual.

Not a damn fine intellectual. A damn fool for supporting Hitler. Suffering for your own foolishness does not make you intellectual. It makes you stupid for making bad decisions in the first place. If you light a fire and it gets out of control and burns down the house, trying to put it out with a teaspoon does not make you an intellectual. It makes you the dumb arse for starting the fire that burned down the house.

Liberal Facebooker:
Recognizing one's mistakes and mistaken support is courageous and brave. More people should do it. Organizing the leading group of clergymen opposed to Hitler is hardly a teaspoon of salt on the burning house. It was what he knew how to do and, as you suggested, he did it, which is a lot more than most people did.

The United States didn't even ... Read Morethrow off the chains and fight the government on behalf of those screaming mothers and children until it was a threat to the homeland.

I'll make a trip to and look for the "More Intelligent Book" section. Thanks for the GREAT advice.

This is, 1776 in so many ways. Read your history. You think people now are "better" or more noble than the people then? Also, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is in the Declaration of Independence, not the constitution. Geez, read more man! You can do it!

Julie, I'm sure he tried to atone for his sin of supporting Hitler, but what is courageous and brave is doing the right thing in the first place. Anyone can see their mistakes and try and change them. That is not truly extraordinary. Recognizing that the political, military and economic control that Hitler sought and fighting it then would have been courageous and brave. Recognizing that his desire to exterminate the untermenchen (jews etc.) that he expressed BEFORE he seized power was sincere as expressed in his own literature and then to fight it (not wait for the pesky money-grubbing Jews to be gone and then fight it) would have been courageous.

And you must remember your WWII history a little better than you show: It was the LIBERAL SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS who declared that we should stay out of
any European war. That was FDR's pledge as he ran for the Presidency. Watch the video of it. Frankly, all of Europe was refusing to fight for themselves anyway (France mostly) except for Britain who barely kept the krauts off their shores. It was not America's fault that Hitler rose to power. It was the National Socialist party (Nazionalistas... Read More - aka NAZIS) of Germany's mess that they created. That was Niemöller and his country-mens' fault and their fight as well, but they also started the fight too late. They lit the house on fire and we could really do nothing but let it burn, until it spread to our shores. And when Grandpa Gayan entered the factories to build the Bombers that fought the socialists off, Americans were the ones who entered the camps of dying Jews, Political Opponents, Mentally Deficient and yes even Homosexuals and freed them from the real torture that was being committed. Not just panties on their heads, mind you, real torture: starvation, gassing, burning , sexual mutilation, physical mutilation, and every unimaginable horror that you don't even see in horror movies. Niemöller, yeah, I know another organizer who's not doing us much good now either. And much like the "intellectuals" of Hitler's Germany, all of the "Intellectual" class today voted for him and his socialist policies. The "Elites" in media and otherwise voted for him. He's picked his untermenchen too. Anyone who loves God, the Constitution, individual Liberty, smaller government and guns. Unfortunately for him, there are many of my brothers in arms who will not stand by like Niemöller until all the Jews are gone and only then mourn the error of their ways. We will succeed or die first. Join us. We are the educated. We are the guardians of liberty at each generation.


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