Faint Heart Ne’er won Fair Lady

From our buddy Texas Fred:

And it never built a political party or founded a nation either.

If the founders of this nation had been as negative regarding the Declaration of Independence or standing up to the British as some I have seen lately, we would ALL still be subjects of the British Empire.

The founders of this nation were brave men, they risked their lives and freedom to build this nation, they endangered themselves, their homes and property, their families, everything they had, everything they owned, they placed it on the line so that WE could stand and speak our minds!

This post is NOT directed at anyone in particular, it is being written simply to express the utter frustration I am feeling after having read so many negative comments on this blog, and several others. Comments made by those that say the RNC and the DNC are too deeply embedded to be displaced, those that say it’s going to be too difficult to make a 3rd party successful, those that just run off at the mouth simply because that’s all they can do.

To those that automatically say, “It can’t be done”, I have to ask this, where are your BALLS?

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Artfldgr said...

Danny Kaye seemed to do ok with faint heart and such :)

Artfldgr said...

To those that automatically say, “It can’t be done”, I have to ask this, where are your BALLS?

best i can figure we were neutered by the feminists ;)

trying to cheer you up. they have reasons for feeling the way they do. historically speaking without the USA, none have casted off their chains till leaders forgot how they got there. 100 years on and russia still hasnt thrown off theirs, and china has such rule just as tight (and about to do better). there is a lot more, but be of good cheer, for if not for anything else, that is still something you can have.

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