Fat People Cause Global Warming

LONDON (Reuters) - Overweight people eat more than thin people and are more likely to travel by car, making excess body weight doubly bad for the environment, according to a study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

"When it comes to food consumption, moving about in a heavy body is like driving around in a gas guzzler," and food production is a major source of greenhouse gases, researchers Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts wrote in their study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

"We need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend toward fatness, and recognize it as a key factor in the battle to reduce (carbon) emissions and slow climate change," the British scientists said.

Oh sweet mercy, what doesn't cause global warming? What's next? Being a conservative cause global warming? All the gas we use driving to church? All the smoke from our gun barrels? Driving big trucks in our hick-backwards small towns?

Although, perhaps this study does shed some light on another topic. If growing food leads to more carbon emissions, perhaps that is why people in third world countries are still starving. We could grow them food, but the liberals don't want to hurt mother nature.

And as far as fat people being more likely to travel by car, that's just untrue. Really fat people prefer to stay on the couch, and if they are going to go anywhere, then it will be by Rascal or Jazzy.
You hear that Mr. Gore? Put down the Big-Mac, you are hurting our Earth!!!

(source: reuters)


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