Video - Jon Stewart rips Obama on wounded-vet policy

I don't like John Stewart. I think he is totally bias, and one sided; and not in a funny way, just sort of pathetic like. But, that said, if he does more stuff along these lines, I might tune in.

STEWART: You know the veterans? The men and women who risk their lives defending our country? They’re about yay tall, wear green… sometimes tan. They’re this brave. Well, when they get injured, you know who foots the bill? You. The taxpayer. It’s incredibly… fair.

That’s why it struck me as a little odd when I read that one of the money saving proposals from the Obama administration was to remove veterans with private insurance plans from the V.A. rolls. So I guess what the government is saying is that if you still need a little rehab after you got that leg blown off in Iraq, the government will cover you! Unless your wife as a little COBRA left over from her substitute teaching gig. In that case, you’re going to have to go with her and the whole deductible thing. Unless, of course, your spouse is in Congress, and then you can get their sweet, sweet government plan.

I’ve got some other ideas they might want to try out to save a little money in the military. How about sponsored commendations? For your service, I offer you the Frito Lay Medal of Honor. Here’s another one… how about actual Navy seals? [A picture is shown of a Sea World seal with a sailor hat on.] People would totally pay to see that! Or how about the Arlington National Cemetery and Water Park?

WHAT THE F*&K ARE YOU GUYS THINKING!!??? Veterans having to use their private insurance to pay for their combat related injuries? THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT.


Franklin's Locke said...

I don't like him either. He is a comedian, not a journalist.

BUT...When someone stands up and says something like this, because it is right, he needs applauded.

Good for him!

Anonymous said...

Right on Stewart.

snaggletoothie said...

He should get credit for talking about this on his show.
But did you notice that he didn't ever talk about Obama. He just criticized 'the government.'

Dr. Dave said...

Before b. Husssein was president, I used to look beyond Stewart's politics and laugh and laugh and laugh. These days, I'm not always sure he's actually funny. BUT...I did watch this bit, and do applaud him for bringing it up at the top of his half hour, and I do agree with his points (how the hell could I not?).

@snaggletoothie...He couldn't blame b. Hussein. It would have been beneath him. It's a subtle thing, but you were more aware, I'll bet, than 99 percent of his viewers..

BlessedONE333 said...

I say we just get the usurper barry out of office and save not only a ton of money - but save our nation

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