Wait...what? Obama Supports Warrantless Mobile Phone Location Records

By Derek

Remember way back in the dark days of Bushitler 2 when the president wanted to wiretap calls going out of the country and maybe listen in on those suspected of being up to nefarious things? Remember all the squawking and hollering from the left? Yeah, me too. Here's what Obama wants:

The new administration has already sided with the old on the legality of warrantless wiretapping, and is now saying that it shouldn't need a warrant to demand location records from mobile phone providers. This certainly seems like the sort of private info that, under the 4th Amendment, would require a warrant, but not according to the administration(s). It feels that mobile phone providers should freely hand over records of what mobile phone tower any phone was connected to, even without the administration bothering to get a warrant (i.e., whenever and for whomever it wants to keep tabs on).
I for one welcome our new Marxist overlords. (NOT!)



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