The Fed Prints More Money - Inflation Here We Come

The Fed has just “printed” one trillion dollars of new U.S. Greenbacks. It has created a huge amount of new money out of thin air. Governments have that prerogative. It doesn’t actually run the printing presses faster. It does it in a more complicated way than that but the result is the same. Its main effect is to put fresh cash in the pockets of the banks and other financial institutions. The good news is that it is not debt. The taxpayer is not going to be required to pay more tax to fund it. The bad news is that it will devalue whatever greenbacks you at present own. They will buy less in the future — “inflation” in other words. So it IS a tax in the long run.

Will it work? Will it get the banks lending again? Will it create jobs? Nobody seems terribly optimistic. The real problem is to restore business confidence so that businesses start hiring again but most of the O-man’s agenda is anti-business and intent on jacking up business taxes so it will do nothing for that. Abolishing regulatory burdens on business (e.g. Sarbox) and halving company tax is what is needed to perk up business. Like FDR before him, Obama thinks business is the enemy — when it is in fact the only way out of the present problems. Kicking business when it is down so stupid that only a Leftist could do it. But that is the FDR/Obama thinking.

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From stoptheACLU.

Ahhh, money out of thin air. Hey we need more money for stupid socialist policies, hey, here is an idea, let's print some! Sure seems like a good idea, until you realize, it will only make the value of every dollar decrease. It's like someone found a billion pounds of diamonds, so that suddenly there were so many diamonds they were no longer rare. Would they still be worth something? Sure. Would they be worth as much as when they were rare? Certainly not. It's called inflation, it's bad.


Franklin's Locke said...

This is extremely dangerous. Not only did they print all this money but the FED put in a trillion dollars into our economy. They are walking a very thin line that could cause hyperinflation the likes of the Weimar Republic of Germany prior to WWII.

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