PETA President's Crazy Will and Testament

Ingrid Newkirk is an animal rights activist, an author, and the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She is best known for the animal rights awareness campaigns she organizes on behalf of PETA, which she co founded in 1980.

Ingrid, is however, totally crazy. Don't believe me, well read a portion of her last will and testament that she has posted on PETA's website:

2. While the final decision as to the use of my body remains with PETA, I make the following suggested directions:

a. That the “meat” of my body, or a portion thereof, be used for a human barbecue, to remind the world that the meat of a corpse is all flesh, regardless of whether it comes from a human being or another animal, and that flesh foods are not needed;

b. That my skin, or a portion thereof, be removed and made into leather products, such as purses, to remind the world that human skin and the skin of other animals is the same and that neither is “fabric” nor needed, and that some skin be tacked up outside the Indian Leather Fair each year to serve as a reminder of the government’s need to abate the suffering of Indian bullocks who, after a life of extreme and involuntary servitude, as I have seen firsthand, are exported all over the world in this form;

c. That in remembrance of the elephant-foot umbrella stands and tiger rugs I saw, as a child, offered for sale by merchants at Connaught Place in Delhi, my feet be removed and umbrella stands or other ornamentation be made from them, as a reminder of the depravity of killing innocent animals, such as elephants, in order that we might use their body parts for household items and decorations;

d. That one of my eyes be removed, mounted, and delivered to the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a reminder that PETA will continue to be watching the agency until it stops poisoning and torturing animals in useless and cruel experiments; that the other is to be used as PETA sees fit;

e. That my pointing finger be delivered to Kenneth Feld, owner of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, or to a circus museum to stand as the “Greatest Accusation on Earth” on behalf of the countless elephants, lions, tigers, bears, and other animals who have been kidnapped from their families and removed from their homelands in India, Thailand, Africa, and South America and deprived of all that is natural and pleasant to them, abused, and forced into involuntary servitude for the sake of cheap entertainment;

f. That my liver be vacuum-packed and shipped, in whole or in part, to France, to there be used in a public appeal to persuade shoppers not to support the vile practice of force-feeding geese and ducks for foie gras;

g. That one of my ears be removed, mounted, and sent to the Canadian Parliament to assist them in hearing, for the first time perhaps, the screams of the seals, bears, raccoons, foxes, and minks bludgeoned, trapped, and sometimes skinned alive for their pelts; that the other ear be removed, preserved, and displayed outside the Deonar abattoir in Mumbai to remind all who do business there that the screams of the cattle who are slaughtered within its walls are heard around the world;

h. That one of my thumbs be removed, mounted upwards on a plaque, and sent to the person or institution that, in the year of my death or thereabouts, PETA decides has done the most to promote alternatives to the use and abuse of animals in any area of their exploitation;

i. That one of my thumbs be mounted in a downward position and sent to the person or institution that, in the year of my death or thereabouts, has gone against the changing tide of societal opinion and frightened and hurt animals in some egregious manner;

j. That a little part of my heart be buried near the racetrack at Hockenheim, preferably near the Ferrari pits, where Michael Shumacher raced in and won the German Grand Prix;

k. That anything else be done with my body that PETA believes will serve to draw attention to and so abate the plight of exploited animals.

Want to read the rest of this insane woman's will? Newkirk's Unique Will.

Now why do I call her crazy? Some out there might call her passionate, or applaud her for being so dedicated, and willing to sacrifice herself. But, I think she is crazy because she puts animals above humans, even herself. I believe mankind is God's greatest creation. I believe our bodies are gifts from our creator, meant to be treated as the greatest of gifts, and not cast aside like chaff. I believe there is no greater being on earth than a human being; and the life of a human should be valued above all other forms of life. Call me crazy.


snaggletoothie said...

I believe that this woman's life has actually been a testament to your belief in the importance of humans. If she deep down believed in the equality of animals she might have spent her life working to bring good things to animals. But she has dedicated herself to being an in-your-face, trouble making witch. She has gone out of her to demand that everyone in the known universe know what she believes. All of this is a sign of what existentialists call bad faith. She is not comfortable and at peace with what she says she believes. I suspect that she is so uncomfortable with what she espouses that the noise she makes and the crimes she fosters takes her attention and everyone else's off the beliefs. All of her crazy actions just serve to externalize her own severe discomfort.

Anonymous said...

He, he... You really had me going there for a while. She really sounds like Bush, but then you started talking about God. Sorry, you lost me there. God got nothing to do with it, we are simply on top of the food chain - right now. Evolution or pure luck = Yeah, likely. God...not so.

It is not hard to predict that a serious natural disaster will put the human race down the same food-chain, if not remove us from it completely. Let's see if God is around to clean up the mess when that happens. I put my money on free thinking, enjoying life, being a good human being, raising a family, supporting the needed etc, etc.

May the force be with you!

All the best

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