Be a Virtual Border Agent

Tired of pressing 2 for English? Tired of two sets of instructions printed on everything? Sick of drug smugglers and other deviants sneaking into our country? Bored? Well, now there is something you can do about it!

A new $2 million surveillance project in Texas lets you patrol the US border with Mexico from the comfort of your own home, and report any suspicious activity you see.

Thus far the project has only resulted in one crime bust in the six weeks it has been on, but it was huge: "virtual border patrol agents" spotted three suspects trying to smuggle 540 pounds of marijuana across the border.

According to Wired:
The exact location of the cameras is not disclosed, but according to a press release about the project, "a significant number of Texas landowners" requested that the cameras be placed on their property.

More than 21,000 people from several states, including as far away as Ohio, have signed up to be virtual deputies so far. BlueServo claims its web site has received more than 5 million hits, resulting in about 1,000 e-mail reports of suspicious activity. The average camera watcher spends about eight minutes on the site examining video.

What do virtual deputies get in return for their efforts?

Aside from the satisfaction of knowing they’ve done their part to combat crime, they get the opportunity to become targeted consumers.

Wired Link

Here’s the webcam: BlueServo

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pz said...

The camera's should be armed with sidewinder missiles.

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