Is Obama a Citizen? The Birth Cirtificate Scandal

This is just a very, very small sampling of what is out there concerning Obama's birth certificate:

Sure, maybe it is nothing. Maybe he really was born in Hawaii. I'm of the opinion that even if he wasn't, it will never materialize into anything, it will be suppressed from the top, and it will never be brought to light. Furthermore, I think that if it was discovered that his birth certificate is a fake, that there will be outrage by Obama supporters, and there will be an attempt to amend the constitution, to allow him to be President. I really don't think this will lead to anything, but it should. It should be investigated, Obama should release his birth certificate, Obama shouldn't ignore Berg's lawsuit, Obama should discuss this publicly, congress, the senate, the FBI, etc. should investigate this deeply. It should be all over the news, it should be on the front page, journalists should do their job to report the news and not opinion, the media should do the job they failed to do when Obama ran for office.But will any of that happen, probably not. I am sad to say, I really think this is a dead end. It will be swept under the rug, as the media and left make excuses and cover-ups. I also think it won't be long until they are able to make a more convincing fake birth certificate, and release that.
It's a sad, sad day when our Constitution is being attacked from all sides, and blatantly ignored by the president-elect.


e said...

the leftist illuminati, unfortunately, has so much power that i bet all of this will never prevent him from becoming president

Notoriously Conservative said...

I totally agree. They were able to hide his background well enough to get him elected, I don't think they should have a problem covering up his birth and citizenship.

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