Prop 8 the Musical - Gay is the New Black

Wow, this made me laugh until I cried. Not because the "musical" itself was funny, but because this is how these "celebrities" decided to respond to prop 8 being passed. Wow. Who would have thought that gay supporters would write a musical about prop 8? I thought homosexuals hated musicals... Anyway, enjoy:

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This little piece was conceived and written by Hairspray Tony winner Marc Shaiman, and directed by Adam Shankman, who helmed the "Hairspray" movie musical.

The video starred Jordan Ballard, Margaret Cho, Barrett Foa, J.B. Ghuman, John Hill, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, Rashad Naylor, Nicole Parker, John C. Reilly, Allison Janney, Kathy Najimy, Jenifer Lewis, Craig Robinson, Rashida Jones, Lake Bell, Sarah Chalke, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Katharine "Kooks" Leonard, Seth Morris, Denise Piane, Lucian Piane, Richard Read, Seth Redford, Quinton Strack and Tate Taylor.

Wow that reads like an Emmy nomination list!... Er, not really. But hey, Jack Black is, someone, I guess (Don't worry I won't mention how "The Pick of Destiny" tanked at the box office). Anyway, it's very telling to see how these people view the religious right. Apparently, we all dress in black, cherry pick from the Bible, and look to oppress others. I also find it interesting how it's ok to be hypocritical, as long as you are on the fashionable side of the argument. And, since gay is the new black, it's ok to be a hypocrite. So go ahead, hold rallies against hate speech and discrimination, and then go protest in front of the Mormon Temple in LA, call them every name in the book, demand that they no longer have tax exempt status, tell them they are going to hell, etc., etc. You have every right, because Hollywood says gay is cool.


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