Obama Landslide?

Where was Obama's landslide? There is no doubt, the electoral votes went heavily in his favor, but he only won by about 7 million votes. There were still 56.5 million people that want nothing to do with his socialist agenda. Not only that, but his 7 million more votes cost him over 600 million dollars. A commanding win, sure, a landslide, hardly. It really doesn't say much to his credit, when he had to spend far, far more than anyone in history, and he still only won by this slim margin.

Another interesting note, the media continually said this would be a massive turnout for Obama, and we would see poll numbers like never before. Well, if that's the case, then why did George W. Bush, in 2004, when he was supposedly hated by all, garner 62,040,610 votes? Obama only had 64,030,409 votes... Where was the gigantic influx of new voters?

Consider this, in 2004 121,069,054 people voted. In this election, where massive waves of people were supposed to turn out and vote for the messiah Obama, 120,525,211 people voted. Do you know why? Because many people were less than enthused for either candidate. True conservatives had no one on the ballot for them, save Sarah Palin, but she was the VP, not our candidate.
True Regan Republicans and Democrats saw two evils on the ballot, and didn't see it worth their time to vote for the lesser of two evils. This was a big win for the democrats to be sure, but it was not a landslide. Conservatism is not dead, it is as strong as ever, it was simply unrepresented. But in 2012, if we have someone to truly rally behind, things will be much, much different.

You want a blow out? You want a landslide? You want to see what happens when conservatives have someone to rally behind? Reagan 1980, 1984. Only Minnesota went for Mondale in '84, now that's a landslide.

64,206,511 - Obama
56,611,357 - McCain
= 120,817,868

62,040,610 - Bush
59,028,444 - Kerry


Fact Fan said...

According to Dave Leip:

Obama 69,456,898
McCain 59,934,814

You must be using out of date figures.

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