Bush's Midnight Regulations

So in his final few months, President Bush has been working on his midnight regulations. They seem ok to me, though they will surely anger some Democrats. The one that really peaks my interest, is his Oil Shale Leasing and Operations Regulation.

"Two million acres of public land in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah would be opened for leasing to drill for oil shale and parameters established for development. Environmental impact analysis under the National Environmental Protection Act must still be done before any drilling may take place. Proponents say this new source of oil will help reduce energy prices. Opponents argue the drilling process uses vast amounts of energy and water and emits a significant amount of air pollution. " -propublica.org

I say bring it on. There is so much stinking oil shale in the west, it could make the western states the new oil capitol of the world. So long dependence on the Middle East.

Other regulations include:

EPA Won’t Regulate a Contaminant in Drinking Water:

-Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) has determined that a national primary drinking water regulation (NPDWR) for perchlorate would not present ‘‘a meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction for persons served by public water systems.’’

Uranium Mining Permits Near Grand Canyon Could Increase
-The removal of redundant emergency withdrawl regulations. More Uranium is a good thing.

OSHA Provides Guidelines to Assess Risk of Chemicals in the Workplace

Federally Funded Institutions Could Turn Down Abortion Requests for Moral or Religious Reasons
-"...federally funded health institutions would be required to certify they will allow employees to refuse to provide services that they find morally reprehensible or at odds with their religious principles." Right on President Bush.

Employees of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Companies Could Offer Advice to Their Own Investors

The Interior Department Could Approve Construction Projects with Less Concern for Protected Species
-Stupid Polar Bears.

Revisions to TANF Could Cut Funding to Families in Need
-This is good, the idea is to give people a lift up, not a hand out. Get needy families working, and not dependent on the Government. A hard pill for the Libs to swallow, I understand.

Law Enforcement Would Get Greater Surveillance Authority
-"The purpose of this regulation is to assure that all criminal intelligence systems operating through support under the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 are used as authorized by law. This revision of 28 CFR part 23 updates the regulation for modern technological advances, and extends the use of criminal intelligence systems for public safety purposes. "

Fisheries Rule Calls for Less Public Input
-That's ok, I rarely give my input on fisheries anyway.

EPA Lowers Air Quality Standards for Lead
-Oh no, lowering impossible standards that cause businesses way too much money! Imagine the audacity of trying to help troubled businesses by allowing more flexibility so they can increase their own cash flow, instead of asking for a handout. For shame.

Loaded Guns Possible in National Parks
-With all the hippies that flood the National Parks, this is a great idea.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Groups Would Be Subject to New Qualifying Rules
-HIV/AIDS prevention groups who apply for federal grants must certify they do not advocate, promote or support the legalization or practice of prostitution. Seems fair.

EPA Lets Factory Farms Decide If They Need A Permit to Discharge Animal Waste into Waterways

Sex Trafficking Victims Could Lose Aid Funds
-Any organization that seeks federal funding to help victims of sex trafficking must certify that they do not advocate, promote or support the legalization or practice of prostitution.

FDA Provides Guidance to Drug Companies for Marketing Off-Label Use of an FDA-Approved Drug

Labor Rule Limits Employee Access to Medical and Family Leave Time

Interior Rules Could Limit Public Environmental Comments
-You'd get tired of hippies harping at you about mother earth too.

Less Reporting of Animal Air Pollution Proposed
-Cows are gonna fart, do we really need to keep count of how often?

DOT Finalizes Rule Extending Hours on the Road for Truck Drivers

Rules on Dumping of Mine Debris Eased
-Again, I thinking the easing of restrictions will ease the cash strap so many industries are facing.

Many Wetlands Cases Fell Through Enforcement Cracks

New Regs for Fast Tracking Federal Review of Capital Cases

Some Power Plants Could Be Exempted from Installing Pollution Controls
-Again, I thinking the easing of restrictions will ease the cash strap so many industries are facing.

EPA Narrows the Definition of Solid Waste
-"Anything coming out of a liberals mouth?"
Visit http://www.propublica.org/special/midnight-regulations/ for much more detailed information.


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