Obama's Positions on Abortion

Barack Obama opposed legislation as IL state senator to protect abortion survivors from being shelved to die:

Barack Obama thinks partial birth abortion is a “legitimate medical procedure”:

Barack Obama opposes parental notification of minor girls before they abort:

Barack Obama has stated “the first thing I’d do as president“ would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would overturn every local, state, and federal abortion law passed in the past 35 years:


Straight Talk on McCain said...

When will we finally get to know the real McCain? http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/

Notoriously Conservative said...

If you have a point to make, make it, I welcome both sides to argue their points, but please don't pimp your blog.

Chappy said...

I believe the proper word is "hock" you blog, not "pimp"

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with the health plan...or abortion. it life as soon as well you know..your pregnant. God...who we have always put our trust in..and based our country on him is being thrown down the drain. the muslims could pray but we who have relationship with God cannot. we cannot speak of the gays...its offending to them. but i am offended that i can not speak of my Father who put me on this earth and everyone else..because i offend people. people should be able to worship where and when they wont. but he wants to put us who believe in our Heavenly Father down. I pray that God keeps his hand over our country, because with out him we are doomed. obama is about to have us all..this country into a terrible state.

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