Obama and Acorn, Ties that Bind

The following is from http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/

Here are the facts, from investigative journalists, researchers, and witnesses, tied together with sound reason. After reading, if you agree, please send this to those you know, whatever they currently believe.

ACORN and Project Vote are being investigated for widespread electoral crimes in America’s closely contended states - potentially hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations and the destruction of those of Republican voters. The door is open for fraudulent votes and election theft.

They have driven intimidated citizens into early voting, telling them how to vote.

Obama has funneled $800,000 to ACORN for their 2008 General Election operations.

Obama organized Project Vote activities in Chicago, in 1992 and has trained ACORN operators.

Obama’s campaign in its Web site has tried to deny these facts.

Obama as ACORN’s lawyer, sued Illinois in 1993, to make voter registration more lax.

Obama as ACORN’s lawyer, sued Citibank in 1994, to force them into giving subprime loans to home buyers with poor credit ratings, contributing to the mortgage bubble and bust.

Obama promised in 2007 to let ACORN and related groups “help us shape the agenda“ of his presidency, by meeting with them after the Nov. 4 election. What is their agenda? “Helping low income people?“ In someways, at least temporarily, but see below.

ACORN’s tactical plan is from Rules for Radicals, by hardcore neo-Marxist, Saul Alinsky. Synopsis: the ends justify the means - ridicule, lie, cheat - be disruptive, or use stealth to gain power. Hold the virtuous to exaggerated and impossible standards, while not playing by their rules. Sell “change.” And the result of that change is an enforced “egalitarian” (neo-Marxist) society.

OBAMA has taught these “rules.” He and Michelle Obama use Alinsky rhetoric.

ACORN was started in the 1970’s by radicals, George Wiley & Wade Rathke, with input from sociologists, Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven - all of neo-Marxist ideology.

ACORN founders’ strategy has been the Cloward-Piven Strategy - to overcommit government, growing it past the point of sustainability by causing crises. This, while developing an organized proletariat of dependent classes and applying them to disrupt society and revolt against American freedoms. All, to ring in the new “egalitarian” (neo-Marxist) state. That would be a big “change.“

Cloward & Piven, plus ACORN’s leaders pushed to greatly expand America’s welfare roles. But welfare reform in the 1990's reversed that trend. Rudy Giuliani cited Cloward-Piven for an “economic sabotage“ that lead to the 1975 bankruptcy of New York City.

ACORN was a driving force for the revised Community Reinvestment Act of 1995, pushing subprime mortgages through a very eager Fannie Mae. This allowed ACORN to pressure mortgagors to grant bad loans to bad risk home buyers in the name of helping the poor. Many of the poor were hurt further, while Fannie Mae prospered. Their personnel gave Obama‘s campaign $126,349. By contrast, John McCain attempted reform, but leftist congressmen shouted down reforms - leftist congressmen now found in a cloud of scandal.

ACORN is associated with La Raza, pushing for open borders with government assistance.

ACORN is funded in part by wealthy, anti-American radicals such as George Soros - and by our tax dollars.Their Web site claims a membership of over 400,000.

Please email to voters who have the right to know (you may use envelope link, below). Please post this freely, referring to the web address http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/. Copies can be placed in screen doors, for your neighbors to read.

Time is very short. An informed and free America depends upon you. Considering the potential of a systematic attack upon our popular sovereignty in this closely contended election, considering what we know of ACORN’s street-level offenses, and what occurred in 2000 in Florida, is it concerning that Barack Obama is planning to meet with them after Nov. 4, to plan their next joint moves?


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