What the Media Tells Us

What the media does, and doesn’t tell us:

Tells Us:

Sarah Palin's husband has a DUI conviction from 22 years ago.

Doesn’t Tell Us:
Ted Kennedy was drunk while driving a car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick. That same crash killed a young campaign volunteer with whom he was having an affair. Oh, and that woman was pregnant with his child.

Mr. Palin's DUI came a mere 4 years after Barack Obama stopped using cocaine and marijuana (by his own admission in his autobiography).

Tells Us:

Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant.

Doesn’t Tell Us:

Joe Biden's son was paid a large amount of money as a consultant to credit card company MBNA. That same company had business before Senator Joe Biden concerning regulation of consumer credit practices. After the company paid a hefty sum to Mr. Biden's son, he voted in favor of legislation to help that company.

That same son, Hunter, is also engaged in a legal investigation and suit for defrauding a former business partner

Tells Us:

Sarah Palin should be considered "selfish" for agreeing to run for VP knowing about her daughter's condition. Knowing that her public role would bring extra scrutiny on the family is selfish and she should have declined the candidacy to protect her child

Doesn’t Tell Us:

That Bill Clinton was selfish, for hurting Chelsea Clinton, when he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky (among others), knowing that the affair could bring extra scrutiny on the family.

Tells Us:

That we should be concerned that Sarah Palin probably won't be able to manage her family and do an effective job of being VP at the same time. If she is the VP and a mother, she wouldn’t be able to give either job her full attention. How would that effect her poor, troubled family?

Doesn’t Tell Us:

Anything about Hillary's ability to support Chelsea while re-doing healthcare or any of the other feminist icons who say you can balance work and family. They also never mention that Barack will have to balance time with his children while meeting with heads of rogue nations or how Joe Biden's kids don't even have a mom and will be fighting for his time while he hosts white house coffee fundraisers and sells nights in the Lincoln bedroom. Or the fact that when Joe Biden ran for senate for the first time, it was fresh on the heels of his wife, and mother of his children, dying. Why were there no arguments that a single father couldn’t juggle being a senator and a father?

Tells Us:

Sarah Palin is "too inexperienced" to be a heartbeat-away from the presidency.

Doesn’t Tell Us:

Joe Biden represents a state (Delaware) with roughly the same population as Alaska.
Or that being a community organizer and spending less than 134 days in the senate before leaving to campaign for president doesn’t qualify you to be the President. Or, even that out of the four people on the ticket, Sarah Palin is the only one with executive experience.

Tells Us:

Sarah Palin doesn't know much about Iraq, or foreign policy.

Doesn’t Tell Us:

Sarah has spent more time with troops in the Middle East than Obama has even while running for president. When Sarah went to Kuwait she spent time with the troops. When Obama went there, he skipped a base visit to instead go work out at the Ritz Carlton. Or that Sarah has a son in the military serving in Iraq. What kind of investment does Obama have?

Tells Us:

Sarah Palin's husband was once a registered member of a 3rd party that favored states' rights, and some of the party even supported succession.

Doesn’t Tell Us:

That when Barack Obama announced his first senate run, he did so in the home of William Ayers. Mr. Ayers is an un-repentant terrorist convicted for bombing the pentagon. This same Mr. Ayers said on 9/11 that he and his group did not do enough to harm our military and he wished he had done more. During the same time as that comment, he was serving on a board with Barack Obama. All notes and information about their serving together is now locked up by the corrupt Chicago machine and reporter access to those records are being blocked by the Obama campaign.


Anonymous said...

This is why I am voting for Ron Paul because I feel for our country and my childrens future. This country is in some severely trying times and the new world order doesn't give a sh$t about us. It is all about the monetary influence. We don't elect officials anymore they are appointed by the new world order. We stopped being Americans all long time ago.

It is time for us the people it talks about in the Constitution to take a stand and say no more. If we don't we are in for a world of sh$t.

We as Americans have to wake up for if we don't we give away the last vestige of power we have left.

Damian said...

i Understand voting for principle but a vote for ron paul is a vote for NObama. Protect our country and vote Mcain.

Nick said...

I agree that we are moving away from the constitution, and that's not right. But voting for Ron Paul won't solve a thing. Like Damian said, sticking by your principals is admirable, but it is essentially a vote for Obama, which would do far more damage to the constitution than you can imagine.

Crescent City Gal said...

In a world of short attention spans and sound byte battles, I find it interesting to observe the political camps as they begin the media madness we call campaigning.

Your post is very well written, and I hope you have a wide audience, for you are pointing out some interesting perspectives that many will have overlooked.

My hope is that people will take that second between stimulus and response to examine the facts they can discover, look to see who is spinning what, and why, and come to a thoughtful, rational decision as to whom they will vote for.

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