Sarah Palin Has Awoken the Sleeping Dragon

Sarah Palin has awoken the sleeping dragon. For many years, the majority of American women have longed for someone to represent them in Washington. They have grown tired of women like Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton “representing” them. Yes, women who don’t fall under the label “feminist,” “liberal,” or “feminazi” finally have someone they can rally behind.

This has the lefties and the liberal bloggers scared out of there minds. Here is a woman that doesn’t fit into the mold they have created. She is powerful, has a strong will, successful and beautiful, but she doesn’t subscribe to their liberal ideology or political practices. What are they to do? If they attack her, they become those sexist, misogynists they have accused so many other of being. Yep, the left and media both know this woman is dangerous to their liberal agenda, and they will do and say anything to bring her down.

The huge jump of the McCain/Palin ticket has Obama and his goons sweating, they know they are in trouble.

But this woman won’t cry on the stump, and complain about how mean and nasty her opponents are. Nope, she will tread over them like grapes, and silence her critics. Say what you want about this woman. Sling that mud, spread those rumors, and dig up that non-existent dirt, she can take it, and will only grow stronger.

I could not be more thrilled to see the new face of the conservative movement getting her chance to shine.


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