Not So Hot Without Your Telepromter

By Chappy Conservative

Ever since Obama entered the national spotlight I have been intrigued with the power he has over people when giving his speeches using a telepromter so he only has to worry about the delivery, and not the substance of the message. I must admit that although I don't agree with his substantive policies, when Obama gave his speech at the DNC I was really moved at how he cares for the American people. At one point I even said to myself, "This man is a good man". However, I don't agree with him on many issues (including Iraq, taxes, abortion, welfare, "wealth redistribution", etc.)

When a person sticks to "soaring rhetoric" it is hard to disagree with him/her. When Obama openly says "we need change....and hope for a better future" it would be ridiculous to disagree with him. However, when we get the substantive definitions of what HE thinks is change and what I think is change is where the soaring rhetoric comes crashing back down to Earth. This is important because MY definition of what I think is change is irrelevant, because I'm not running for President. Obama's change and my change are two completely different things, and while I agree there needs to be change in a general sense, I don't agree with Obama's definition.

This past weekend Obama appeared on the show "This Week with George Stephanopoulos". Without the aid of a telepromter Obama attempted to answer substantive questions regarding the war in Iraq. I must say that he fell flat on his face. I don't think Obama is used to a reporter asking him tough questions and forcing him to answer the question without a spin, or a "present" answer. The host would not back down and did not give Obama an easy time.

(Maybe all the media bias has actually made Obama soft. While McCain has had to answer a myriad of tough questions head on, Obama has been thrown soft ball after soft ball from the media. Now that Obama has to actually answer questions without his telepromter he appears illogical, disjointed and even uncomfortable in his answers)

But don't take my word for it, watch for yourself and make your own decision.


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