Obama's Lack of Economic Answers

Below is a excerpt from swamppolitics.com:

"CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Sen. Barack Obama today called for a bipartisan effort to deal with the financial crisis wreaking havoc on Wall Street, but stopped short of presenting his own detailed proposal for how to resolve the situation. After meeting with his top economic advisers, the Democratic presidential candidate said this was not the time to present specific details for how to fix the immediate problem, a reversal from what he had said a day earlier. "Given the gravity of this situation, based on conversations I've had with both Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke, I will refrain from presenting a more detailed blueprint about how an immediate plan might be structured until I can fully review details of the plan proposed by the Treasury and Federal Reserve," Obama said. "I think it's critical at this point that the markets and the public have confidence that their work will be unimpeded by partisan wrangling." The Illinois senator said the crisis has "not just threatened trading floors and high rises on Wall Street, but the stability and security of our entire global economy." Obama said the Treasury and Federal Reserve need "as broad authority as is necessary" to stabilize markets and to maintain credit. "I fully support the efforts of Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to work in a bipartisan spirit with Congress to find a solution," he said. As he prepared to appear at a rally here, Obama called on his Republican rival to join him in trying to find solutions now."

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Do you know why Obama hasn't spoken publicly about his plan for the economy? Well, probably because David Axelrod has been busy, and hasn't had time to write a speech for Obama on the subject. Perhaps it was the fact that he has no idea what the economy is. Perhaps his plan was to say paying taxes is patriotic, and now he is at a loss for words, because people didn't understand that was his plan. Perhaps he doesn't want to offer any solutions, because a solution before the he takes office, wouldn't be beneficial to him. Who knows, but does anyone care? Whatever he comes up with, is bound to be completely impractical, and ineffective.


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