Has Obama Committed Treason?

Up to this point, I just shook my head when Obama or his wifey said something disparaging about America. Until now, his comments have just been sad examples of how distorted his view of our country really is.

But now, news has broken that he has gone beyond “just words.” I beleive Obama has committed treason. A news story recently claimed that Obama, in a visit with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebrai, Obama tried to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay US troop withdrawals, until after the election. The following is an excerpt from nypost.com:

“While campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.
‘He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington,’ Zebari said in an interview.

Obama insisted that Congress should be involved in negotiations on the status of US troops - and that it was in the interests of both sides not to have an agreement negotiated by the Bush administration in its ‘state of weakness and political confusion.’

‘However, as an Iraqi, I prefer to have a security agreement that regulates the activities of foreign troops, rather than keeping the matter open.’ Zebari says.”
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Why isn’t this being investigated? Why aren’t charges being pressed against Obama? It is one thing to continually undermine our troops, by shooting down funding, and naming the war a lost cause, or a disaster, but it is quite another to petition Iraqi leaders as the “presumptive president” to stifle US military success in Iraq for his own political gain.

This is purely disgusting, this man should be run off the presidential ticket, out of the democratic party, and out of the country. He can always live with his friends in France, or Germany.

Just yesterday, the allegations were again confirmed that Obama did indeed attempt to delay troop withdrawal. The following is a excerpt from spectator.org:

“The Obama campaign spent more than five hours on Monday attempting to figure out the best refutation of the explosive New York Post report that quoted Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari as saying that Barack Obama during his July visit to Baghdad demanded that Iraq not negotiate with the Bush Administration on the withdrawal of American troops. Instead, he asked that they delay such negotiations until after the presidential handover at the end of January.

The three problems, according to campaign sources: The report was true, there were at least three other people in the room with Obama and Zebari to confirm the conversation, and there was concern that there were enough aggressive reporters based in Baghdad with the sources to confirm the conversation that to deny the comments would create a bigger problem.”
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Below is a copy of the law Obama has broken:

Pass this information on, this story can be e-mailed with the e-mail icon/link below. Something must be done, this can’t be ignored.


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