Sarah Palin

So a few quick comments on the sexy new VP.

I think this was a smart choice in several ways. First, she is very conservative, which will help rally the base.

Second, she is young and vibrant, balancing Grandpa McCain.

Third, she is a minority. These kind of takes away the woman issue from the democrats, and mitigates any leverage they had in that department, or any other minority arguments.

Fourth she will attract women voters from both sides of the aisle, and the independents. Not to mention those disillusioned after Hillary's loss.

And one final comment about an article I read on Drudge. Obama's camp released a statement criticizing Palin's "zero" foreign policy experience. Are you serious? Tell me Mr. Obama, what experience do you bring to the table? Give me a break, you are a community organizer, turned Presidential Nominee, you have NO experience.


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