Dems Attack Mitt Romney

The mere possibility of McCain choosing Mitt Romney as his running mate has prompted the DNC to create a section of their website to bash Mitt Romney. In a conference call for reporters, meant to promote the new website section, Lefties from Massachusetts and Michigan took turns using Romney as a punching bag.

In an ironic twist, the lefties attacked Romney on policy shifts, and moral stances. Are they really in any position to lecture us on these subjects?

Barney Frank, D-Mass., was one of the main attackers. As you may or may not know, "Frank has long been a vocal critic of Romney and has been a controversial figure himself. He is an openly gay member of Congress who was formally reprimanded by Congress in 1990 for his relationship with a male prostitute who claimed to run an escort service out of Frank's apartment when he was not home."

"Eric Fehrnstrom, spokesman for Romney, said in response to the attacks, 'It shouldn't surprise anyone that bitterly divisive Democrats don't have anything good to say about Republicans.'

He added, 'Fair-minded people look at Mitt Romney as a strong leader, a man of character and integrity, who was elected as governor at a time of job loss and recession, and who managed to balance the budget all four years without raising taxes, and get the Massachusetts economy moving again.'" (source Deseret News)


Utah Doula said...

What is a conservative to do. I once said that the only way I would vote for McCain is if he would make ROmney his running mate.

But really these two bozos are the best America could come up with in a time such as these?

Isn't their something else we can do. Can we all write in a name, but then whose?

I am very concerned McCain does not represent me. I am conservative and I want rights of families protected and I want to ensure a stable future.

Certainly Obama does not get my vote. Does anyone feel as sick as I do about the upcoming election?

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