Gas Prices

Is there no leadership in Washington? Is there no one that will show some spine, and do something about the price of gas? The national average is around $4.00 a gallon, and there is no relief in sight. Do global warming fear mongers have that much power over our politicians?

Why isn’t legislation being passed to create new oil refineries in the US? It has been over 30 years since the last oil refinery was built. 30 years! If we don’t refine our oil here domestically, then that means we end up paying someone else to do it, which translates into higher costs for consumers.

Why was legislation to remove the moratorium on oil shale mining and refining shot down by the democratic congress? “The U.S. has more than 70 percent of the world's oil shale, with the richest deposits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming estimated to contain 1.5 trillion barrels of shale oil…” (Utah trio push for oil shale, Suzanne Struglinski, Deseret News, 05/16/08). No less than a month ago, the bill to the lift the moratorium was shot down. Are politicians that out of touch? We are paying $4+ a gallon, and they shoot down legislation that could make gas as cheap as it ever was?

Why aren’t we exploring and drilling domestically? According to, Scientists from Cornell University recently discovered a huge amount of oil off the coast of Louisiana. The deposit is over 60 billion barrels, roughly 3 times the current recoverable amount of 20 million barrels available in US deposits. With total reserves of 80 billion barrels, we have as much oil as Venezuela. That number doesn’t even include all the unexplored coastal areas, and vast reserves in ANWR. Call it heartless, but at this point I would drill through a baby seal to get to oil, if it meant that struggling families could afford to put gas in their car, and in turn, food on their table.

If you agree that we should be drilling domestically instead of relying on Canada, Mexico, and OPEC, sign the petition initiated by Newt Gingrich: Last time I checked, over 477,000 people have already signed.

But if you are anything like me, you aren’t counting on Washington to do anything, any time soon. So what can we do to save money on gas? I have looked into taking the bus, and the train, but have found that it would not be economically feasible, given my circumstances. I would ride a bike, but I work so far away, it’s just not practical. Besides, with the shape I’m in, I’d show up to work with my dress clothes covered in sweat, and tie used as a bandana. So, I have started to drive 65mph on the freeway, instead of 75mph+. I’ve also started coasting a lot more, and avoiding excessive breaking and acceleration. My wife and I also share a car, and do our best to cut out any unnecessary driving.

But despite our best efforts, we are still spending way too much gas. As a result we have had to cut back on just about everything else. We rarely if ever use air conditioning, even though my wife is pregnant, and constantly hot. We only buy necessary food items. We buy clothes from consignment shops, and shop for bargains at yard sales. Thanks to liberals, and global warmists, my family can’t live the way we want to live. The freedom for me to do what I want, when I want is gone, because I simply can’t afford it. Global warming and the environment are becoming excuses for bigger government, and smaller freedoms. Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the path to total government control, and the clever part is, they are telling us that it is for our own good. The sad part is, so many believe them.


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