Mitt Romney Wins SRLC Straw Poll

Mitt Romney wasn't very successful in the south in the last primaries, but surprisingly, he won the straw poll at the Southern Republican leadership conference, beating out Ron Paul and Sarah Palin. Does this translate to the primaries? I don't know, but it certainly is interesting. If you ask me, there are few more qualified and competent that Romney when it comes to fixing the economy.

New Orleans -- Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll with 24% of the vote. It was an impressive display of organizational ability for the 2008 presidential candidate, especially considering he didn't even attend the event.

Romney is widely considered to be preparing for a 2012 run and was still highly visible at the conference; a group called 'Evangelicals for Mitt' put up placards in the hallway outside the ballroom, gave out piggy banks that read, "Elect a president who won't break the bank - Romney 2012" and took out a full page ad in the conference brochure.

Texas congressman and 2008 presidential campaign phenom Ron Paul (R) came in second place, losing out by one vote.

Paul also dropped some money for his votes. The tickets to the conference cost $150, but the Ron Paul website was selling them for $30. So, in theory, Paul paid $120 a piece for a good portion of his votes.


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