I Hate Politics

I'll share a secret with you, I hate politics. People assume that because I blog about it, I love it, it must be a passion. Nope, hate it. Politics are slimy, disenfranchising, corrupt, smelly, noxious, and often evil. I only blog about it because I feel like I need to say something to provide a little stability to the whirlwind. I don't want conservatism to die in the toxic world of politics. And perhaps most importantly, I want to be able to hold my head up high and say that I stood up and fought for truth and right.

Given the nature of politics, it's important not to dwell on it, or it will bring you down. If you find yourself getting frustrated, angry, sad, etc., then turn off the TV, shut down your computer, put down the newspaper and take a break. Breathe.

Without a clear head and a positive spirit, we conservatives can't effectively affect change. Don't get bogged down in the muck, stay above it and lead by example.

We are in the right, there is no question about that. Rather than trying to prove the rightness of it by beating our heads against a wall (aka arguing with liberals), let's show the rightness of it, by electing conservative leaders that will enact conservative changes. Let's educate our youth with conservative principles. Let's stop being the silent majority and start being the shining beacon to the wayward.

Keep up the good fight.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Hating politics is what conservatives, and freedom lovers generally, are obligated to do. Politics and government have never been positive goods; they've always been necessary evils, to be kept as small and starved as we can manage. It's a pity that so few persons understand that today.

Notorious Nick said...

It's true. The smaller the better. Well said.

Noah Steele Kline said...

In all actuality, arguing with Liberals – maddening as it usually is – really isn’t even good for the soul. It is an enterprise that should be engaged in with caution and wisdom, and rarely does one feel better afterward. Liberals have an uncanny ability eat away at a conservative’s sanity because they are driven by what they “feel” rather than what is logical or correct. By and large, good old common sense is damagingly void in these people.
Two plus two does not always equal four in mind of a liberal. Likewise, things like the constitution, the amendments, Bill of Rights etc. etc. are subjective and open to interpretation as they see fit – or as it fits their agenda. I would also throw the Ten Commandments in this mix; however, most liberals are God-hating, Bible-bashing, Christian-despising evolution extremists anyway.

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